Face shield

Product details:

The face shield minimizes the risk of contact with bacteria and viruses.

Protective face shield – 01, – 01D

– good optical properties
– half the weight of glass
– ten times higher impact strength compared to PMMA (PLEXI)
The circumference adjustment range enabling adjustment to the head size: 530 mm-600 mm
– with a crown protector (Face shield – 01D)
– without a crown protector (Face shield – 01)

Protective face shield – 02

– extremely light, weight: 50g
– consisting of two simple elements:
shield made of PET
support part made of polypropylene
Face shield part dimensions: 325×180 mm, thickness: 0.13-0.18mm

Protective face shield – 03

– extremely light
– made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
Dimensions of the face shield part: 275×230 mm, thickness: 0.35mm

*face shield -02, -03 for self-assembly

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Face shield