We put an electric drive on the map

As a well-known Polish manufacturer of medical equipment, we are the pioneers in implementing an electric drive system in selected products. This solution enables to raise and lower the table top using an electric actuator controlled manually or by BlueTooth.

Company Tech-Med. Sp. z o.o. provides configuration of chosen equipment according to user’s needs with the possibility of adding new accessories in the future. This allows evolution of the selected products in relation to constantly changing needs.

The system has an automatic overload fuse that allows safe use of products and an optical-sound system indicating low battery charge.The products are equipped with an external battery charger, enabling maintenance-free work, signaling the completed charging process. Smooth control of the height of the table top allows user to work in a standing or sitting position. As standard, devices are connected to the electrical outlet, however it is possible to make a built-in battery set with a safe voltage of 24 V. This allows comfortable work in wireless mode.

Electric actuators have found application in many Tech-Med products. This system works well for baby nursing tables, desks, work tables, trolleys for medical equipment or instrumental tables.