Instrumental tables K-4 series Electric


The only one on the market instrumental table electrically driven, that allows raising and lowering the work surface using an electric actuator controlled by footswitches positioned at the baseof the table. It has a built-in rechargeable battery pack with safe voltage 24V, automatic overload protection and optical-sound system that indicates low battery charge. Equipped with an external battery charger, which allows for unattended operation indicating finished charging process.

Table E-01KO/E made entirely of stainless steel 0H18N9, fitted with 75 mm single or double casters, two with blocking mechanism
deepened top, with 360o rotation, height adjustment by a electric lift in range: 910-1310 mm

Option: removable – removable top facilitating accurate disinfection, removable by one movement of the lever, lock of the top rotation, base fitted with 100 mm double casters
Total dimensions: 750 x 500 x 910-1310 mm [Lx S x H]
Top dimensions: 750 x 500 [L x S]

*Changing the type of casters affects the height of the table.